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AdBuzz LeadAlthough the monsoon brings much-needed respite from the intense heat wave that has gripped Pakistan of late, it is likely that your car may break down during heavy rains.

Here is how you can prevent mechanical failures during the rainy season:  

1. Tyres. Ensure that all tyres – including the spare – are properly inflated as low pressure tyres puncture easily, especially if you drive on pothole-ridden roads. Tyres that are not properly inflated are also likely to cause damage to the rim flanges (the protective layer that covers the wheel’s rim) which can result in a breakdown.

2. Wipers. Check the rubber on the wiper blades for cracks or any other damage. It is best to replace wipers at the slightest hint of damage as they are crucial to your visibility, whether it is during a light drizzle or a heavy downpour. Ensure that the water bottle (located in the bonnet) is always full and that the sprayers are working properly.

3. Anti-corrosion treatment. Schedule an anti-corrosion treatment (anti-rust spray) session immediately. Typically applied under the chassis (the area with maximum contact with water) this treatment will go a long way in preventing the chassis from succumbing to rust. Have the car polished with wax as this will protect the paint by preventing water and mud from sticking to it.

4. Lights. Run a diagnostic check to ensure that all warning lights – including the head, tail, brake and the indicator lights – are working. Since visibility becomes an issue during rain, properly functioning lights are critical in being able to see the road ahead clearly, while allowing the traffic behind you to know whether you are about to turn, slow down or stop.

– Haroon Rasheed