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Mr Jinnah’s words are inscribed on the Pakistan Monument

Every year on Independence Day (August 14), the Pakistani flag is hoisted at the Pakistan Monument, which stands in the centre of one of Islamabad’s largest parks (also known as the Pakistan Monument), overlooking the picturesque Shakarparian Hills.

An important landmark… The Monument was designed by Arif Masood and completed in 2007. Made of granite, it is shaped like a flower with four large petals (representing the four provinces of Pakistan) and three smaller ones (which represent the three territories). If you are lucky enough to view it from above, the monument will appear as a crescent and star that characterises the Pakistani flag. Several inscriptions adorn the Monument, the most prominent one of which are   Mr Jinnah’s words: “Unity, faith and discipline.”


Waxworks at the Lok Virsa Museum

Out and about… Located nearby is the Lok Virsa Museum which provides a compelling glimpse into Pakistan’s history via with several impressive exhibits. The most noteworthy of these are perhaps the waxworks of prominent people that led the Independence Movement (including Mr Jinnah, Fatima Jinnah, Allama Iqbal, Liaquat Ali Khan, Jawaharlal Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi). The Heritage Library is located in the Museum, where you can find rare books, journals, field reports and manuscripts pertaining to Pakistan’s history. For a quick bite and fabulous views, stop at the Virsa Café.


The Virsa Café is the perfect place to grab a quick bite

The real estate take… Sector G-7 is located adjacent to the Pakistan Monument. It is a        mid-range area where property is in high demand. Commercial property options include retail space and standalone shops; these are primarily located in Gulshan, Kadda, Libra and Sitara Markets. Residential property options include apartments and houses. Property prices and rentals increase by 30% every year.

In a nutshell… The Pakistan Monument is one of the most iconic historic landmarks in Islamabad and stands tall as a symbol of our independence. n    

– Adil Shaikh