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Marble handicrafts

If you drive down Syed Atif Barelvi Road, past Sir Syed Girls College and Usmania College and turn left on to Mangophir Road, you will be assaulted by dust, fumes and noise from grinding and polishing machines. This is Karachi’s Marble Market – packed with shops selling onyx, marble and granite that line the kitchens, driveways and homes of both the well heeled and the middle income residents of the city.


Marble Market – packed with shops selling onyx, granite and marble

Commercial transformation…
Old residents of the area say that the Market was initially a cottage industry with dealers selling marble out of their homes. Over the years, these homes were transformed into shops and hence the market emerged. Large slabs of uncut stone including Indus gold, black and gold, verona, tervera, tippi and countless other varieties of marble and granite now lie outside the shops, waiting to be cut and polished.


Motiffed marble tiles

Marble, motifs and greenery… Besides marble, the Market also houses shops that stock ceramic and porcelain tiles and stunning tile motifs, sold at a fraction of the price than in the more up market shops on 26th Street in Defence; you can also find hardware shops dealing in kitchen and bathroom accessories such as sinks and faucets, as well those selling marble handicrafts. For a quick bite, stop at one of the many eateries there, followed by a stroll at the lush green Fatima Zehra Park.


The verdant Fatima Zehra Park

The real estate take… Marble Market is completely built-up and vacant plots are therefore no longer available. Commercial property options are restricted to standalone shops; property is in high demand. Property prices and rentals increase are among the highest in Karachi and increase by seven to 10% every year


The approach to Marble Market via Manghopir Road

In a nutshell… Marble Market is the place to be if you are looking to decorate a home or a commercial space with the best materials at the most economical prices.

– Marylou Andrew