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alt apoIt’s pomegranate season again and making this news ever better is the fact that these fantastic fruits are just as wonderful when applied on your ‘outside’ as they are healthily delectable for your insides.

Health enthusiasts have long had a love affair – and rightly so according to recent research – with pomegranates, gulping down the vitamin rich juice whenever the chance arises. However, most people throw away the peel and seeds, which is a pity as pomegranate powder (made by drying and grinding them) provides myriad health benefits.

Pure, unadulterated, pomegranate powder, mixed with water, is an excellent, anti-bacterial, soothing mouthwash – and if you use it to gargle with, it offers rapid relief to sore throats. The rind can be used, preferably in conjunction with ground walnut shells, as a tooth-powder, and it is believed to be as efficient in removing plaque and freshening your breath as regular toothpaste.

If you are worried about hair loss, make a hair mask by adding water, yoghurt, an egg or olive oil to this powder to create a thick paste, which is believed to be an effective agent against hair loss if massaged into the scalp for 10 to 15 minutes. This mixture also conditions your hair in the process, especially if you blend it with pure henna. However, don’t use this paste if you have grey or white hair, otherwise you may get a colourful shock!

You can also create an effective face mask or body scrub by mixing pomegranate powder with oatmeal, egg-white and a dash of honey; it will not only combat acne and black-heads, it will also make your skin smooth and supple.

If all of this is too much to remember, just eat fresh pomegranates or drink its juice; not only are they a proven memory aid, they are also good for your overall health!

– B. Khan