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3rdIsn’t it rather perfect that Valentine’s Day coincides with the strawberry season in Pakistan? This wonderful, juicy, heart-shaped fruit goes with every kind of dessert and has a special affinity with chocolate. Whether you are planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your spouse, your friends or your kids, here are some great strawberry based desserts to whip up.

  • Chocolate covered strawberries. This is the easiest way to make a great dessert. Melt chocolate and half dip whole strawberries in it. Leave to set in the fridge and you are done. For a pretty twist, you can coat silicone cupcake moulds with melted chocolate and set them in the fridge. Once hardened, carefully peel away the mould and fill the chocolate cup with cut strawberries. Simple and delicious!
  • Strawberry compote. Yet another easy way to transform those beautiful strawberries from great to awesome. Hull and slice about two cups of berries and then mix in two tablespoons each of sugar and lemon juice. Cover and leave for about an hour until the strawberries are soft and flavourful and then serve with vanilla ice-cream.

  • Strawberry and peach ice cream pops. This is a kid-friendly recipe but it is also great for grownups who want to have a bit of fun on Valentine’s Day. In a blender, puree two cups strawberries, four peaches (you will probably have to use the tinned variety as peaches are not in season at the moment) and two cups of sugar. Strain the mixture through a fine sieve, pour it into ice cream pop moulds and leave it to freeze for at least four hours before enjoying a cool and tasty treat.
  • Strawberry trifle. This is just about the easiest dessert you can make. Crumble shop bought cake into dessert glasses and layer with cut strawberries and whipped cream. Voila and you are ready for a sweet celebration!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

– Marylou Andrew