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Careers.jpgAccording to Alexia Parks, author of Hardwired: The 10 Major Traits of Women Hardwired By Evolution That Can Save The World, “Women are hardwired by evolution with the traits of being a great leader; they are naturally compassionate and have a more collaborative, mentor-oriented approach to leadership.”

The leadership traits that enable women to influence positive outcomes with maximum impact in the workplace include:

1. Women are optimistic. When confronted with less than ideal situations, women have a propensity to look for opportunities for improvement and growth, both personally and for the organisation. This ability to look at the glass as half-full rather than half-empty enables them to manage crises effectively and at the same time bring in operational and policy changes that add value to the business.

2. Women know their priorities. Most female managers have a natural flair for optimising budgets in a way that allows them to allocate more funds for talent hunt initiatives and training and development programmes. This is because they realise that the continued success of their organisation is invariably tied in to the skill enhancement and competency of their team.

3. Women are agile learners. Women in middle and top management have a greater aptitude for ‘agile learning’, which has been linked to leadership success. This is because they have an innate ability to effectively navigate novel situations, learn from experience and are open to adapting to innovation. Such an entrepreneurial mindset better equips them to rebound from setbacks and devise contingencies, essential qualities for leaders in today’s uncertain business environment.

4. Women have high EQs. An increasing number of employees have identified ‘empathy from supervisors’ as a primary factor influencing their commitment to the organisation. As women generally rank higher on Emotional Quotient (EQ) tests compared to men, this ability allows them to show consideration to employees who may be going through life-changing experiences, resulting in a workforce that is infused with team spirit and prepared to go beyond their job description to when required.

– Arshia Wasif Ahmed
The writer is a corporate trainer.