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3rd boxWhether quietly or to global acclaim, the women of Pakistan are walking their talk towards equality (a recent example is Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy’s second Oscar for Pakistan last Sunday) and as they are doing so in a style so fine, bouquets of recognition are in order on this year’s International Women’s Day (March 8); this year’s theme is ‘Pledge For Parity’.

Yellow flowers symbolise International Women’s Day in countries all around the world with the fragrant mimosa being the Italian favourite. The global tradition is to present bouquets of these glorious flowers to the women in your life, and should be definitely practised in Pakistan.

Mimosa blossom (despite the tree being indigenous and in bloom at this time of the year) is not easy to find in our flower markets – unless it is the exorbitantly expensive imported kind. However, we do have a range of gorgeous yellow flowers that you can plant and enjoy all year round.

Freesias, which are relatively easy to plant and maintain in Pakistan, are also wonderfully fragrant. Then there are dazzling golden-yellow chrysanthemums, daffodils, gladioli, lilies and miniature tulips; carnations with a peppery smell, those glorious yellow roses without which no celebration is complete, or sunshine radiating sunflowers.

If, however, long lasting pot plants are your preference, chose from an attractive range of antirrhinums, gazanias, yellow flowering cacti, calendulas, yellow flowered jasmine, pansies, primulas and miniature roses – all of which can, in time, be planted out in your garden.

Gifting packets of seeds for yellow flowers (a few packets tied together with purple ribbon of course) is another wonderful way of marking International Women’s Day and is sure to be appreciated by the women in your life.

– B. Khan