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Gizri 4

Although Gizri Commercial Area (located near Submarine Chowk) may not be one of Karachi’s most upscale commercial pockets, it is definitely one of the city’s most diverse in terms of the products and services it offers.4

Home improvement essential
If you are thinking about a makeover for your home, then Gizri is the place to go to. There are countless shops dealing in a wide variety of home improvement essentials, be it lighting or plumbing fixtures, sanitary fittings, nuts and screws, mirrors, grills, tiles, locks or curtain railings. Several ‘paintwalas’ have set up shop there and can be hired on the spot to paint your home in whatever colour you fancy. A few shops dealing in carved wooden furniture can also be found; the wood can be polished in the shade you require in a jiffy.

Soup up your car… Several automotive repair shops line Gizri, and some of the city’s best mechanics have shops there. So whether you are looking for shiny new rims to add some bling to your car, or whether your car is in dire need of servicing or repair, stop at Gizri.

gizri 3

Bows, buttons and more… Within the narrow lanes are tailoring shops as well as those known for their embroidery and fabrics. Buttons, bows and braids of gota and lace are also available – at wholesale prices, not to mention readymade formal clothing for women. gizri 1

Flower power… Fresh flowers – be it gladioli, lilies, roses or tube roses – can be found at the small wholesale flower market, where you can buy bouquets and garlands, as well as matching ribbon, glossy paper and cards.

The real estate take… Gizri is completely built-up and commercial property options are primarily limited to standalone shops and retail space in low-rise buildings. Property is in high demand; prices and rentals have increased by 15% over the last three years.

In a nutshell… Whether it is flowers or fixtures, car accessories or furniture, buttons or bows, Gizri has them all.

– Dr Omar Farooq Khan

First published in the Real Estate Section of The DAWN National Weekend Advertiser on August 24, 2014.