Remembering ‘The Grand Old Man Of India’


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dadabhai naoroji

Dadabhai Naoroji (1825-1917)

September 4 will mark the 190th birth anniversary of Dadabhai Naoroji. Fondly known as ‘the Grand Old Man of India’, Dadabhai Naoroji was one of the founding members of the Indian National Congress, the first Asian British MP to be elected in 1892 and Mr Jinnah’s mentor and confidant. Several landmarks have been named after him in the world, among which Dadabhai Naoroji Road, stretching between the Secretariat Chowrangi and Kashmir Road in Karachi, is one.

A mix of old and new… As you drive down Dadabhai Naoroji Road, you will see remnants of classic British brick architecture visible in the handful of rambling houses still standing on this wide, tree-lined road. Unfortunately, a significant proportion of the grand houses that once stood there have been demolished and replaced by apartment complexes and commercial enterprises, such as auto repair workshops, banks and grocery stores.

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The intersection of Dadabhai Naoroji Road and New M.A Jinnah Road

Food and fun… There are only a few recreational avenues on the Road (including the Cosmopolitan Club); similarly, foodie options are limited to a handful, small-time eateries serving desi fare. However, the adjacent New M.A. Jinnah Road connects residents to the quiet residential blocks of PECHS and Kashmir Road as well as the bustling commercial pockets of Saddar. This ensures residents have easy access to amenities including parks, educational institutions, healthcare facilities as well as shopping and recreational avenues.


One of the few large houses left standing

The real estate take… Dadabhai Naoroji Road is completely built-up; property prices and rentals increase by 15 to 20% annually. Residential property options include single and multi-storey houses, as well as apartments. Commercial property options include small standalone shops and retail space in low- and high-rise buildings.

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Apartment complexes have replaced old, rambling houses

In a nutshell… While rapid commercialisation has lessened the stateliness that Dadabhai Naoroji Road once exuded, residents – who have been living there for decades – say it still retains its old-world charm.

– Ayesha Shaikh   

Preventing Bullying


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CareersA recent survey conducted by the USA-based Workplace Bullying Institute reported that almost 65 million employees have either been victims or witnesses of ‘workplace bullying’. Defined as “a relentless attack on other people’s confidence and self esteem” by Tim Field, author of Bully In Sight (1996), workplace bullying leads to employee turnover and low productivity.

If you are a line manager, here is how you can reduce and eliminate workplace bullying:

1. Develop a support system. Have a thorough understanding of your organisation’s disciplinary policies and make sure that your subordinates are aware of them. This will foster an environment of trust and open communication and make employees more likely to voice their grievances. Organising awareness workshops also help reduce instances of bullying. Continue reading

Karachi’s Marble Market


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Marble handicrafts

If you drive down Syed Atif Barelvi Road, past Sir Syed Girls College and Usmania College and turn left on to Mangophir Road, you will be assaulted by dust, fumes and noise from grinding and polishing machines. This is Karachi’s Marble Market – packed with shops selling onyx, marble and granite that line the kitchens, driveways and homes of both the well heeled and the middle income residents of the city.


Marble Market – packed with shops selling onyx, granite and marble

Commercial transformation…
Old residents of the area say that the Market was initially a cottage industry with dealers selling marble out of their homes. Over the years, these homes were transformed into shops and hence the market emerged. Large slabs of uncut stone including Indus gold, black and gold, verona, tervera, tippi and countless other varieties of marble and granite now lie outside the shops, waiting to be cut and polished.


Motiffed marble tiles

Marble, motifs and greenery… Besides marble, the Market also houses shops that stock ceramic and porcelain tiles and stunning tile motifs, sold at a fraction of the price than in the more up market shops on 26th Street in Defence; you can also find hardware shops dealing in kitchen and bathroom accessories such as sinks and faucets, as well those selling marble handicrafts. For a quick bite, stop at one of the many eateries there, followed by a stroll at the lush green Fatima Zehra Park.


The verdant Fatima Zehra Park

The real estate take… Marble Market is completely built-up and vacant plots are therefore no longer available. Commercial property options are restricted to standalone shops; property is in high demand. Property prices and rentals increase are among the highest in Karachi and increase by seven to 10% every year Continue reading

Should You Go On The Lemonade Diet?


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Several celebrities, ranging from Beyonce to Jared Leto, have been on the Lemonade Diet which is also called the ‘Master Cleanse’ in order to lose substantial amounts
of weight.

The Diet, as its name suggests, entails restricting your food intake to lemonade (made from lemon juice, water, organic maple syrup and cayenne pepper) in addition to lots of water (with a pinch of sea salt) and herbal teas (including chickweed, dandelion root and flaxseed) for a period of up to
10 days.

While nutritionists recommend the Diet to a few of their patients (after several checkups), they are careful to warn them that they should not make it a permanent lifestyle choice. Furthermore, they are quick to point out that people should only go on the diet for a maximum of three to four days, rather than the recommended 10.

The Lemonade Diet offers a host of health benefits which include:

  1. Weight loss. Since it is a liquid diet, your weight loss will be immediate, mainly because your carbohydrate and sugar intake will be next to none. This is what makes the Diet ideal for people looking to lose a few pounds quickly. However, the Lemonade Diet is not believed to deliver any substantial results for obese people, since it is not an efficient way of burning calories
    or getting rid of stubborn fat.

Continue reading

Traffic Regulations To Be Enforced In Karachi


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AdBuzzz LeadEarlier this month, the Karachi Traffic Police, in an effort to curb traffic violations, announced that traffic regulations that are already in place will now be enforced forcefully; anyone violating them may now face jail time ranging between six months and two years. The regulations that the Traffic Police chose to focus include adherence to traffic signals, not using one-way thoroughfares as two-way roads and not allowing passengers to travel on the roof tops of buses.

These reforms are a continuation of the efforts by the Traffic Police which made it mandatory for motor cycle and pillion riders to wear helmets, car drivers to wear a seatbelts and banned qingqi rickshaws recently in an attempt to ensure road safety and prevent traffic jams. Another set of traffic regulations is expected to be enforced shortly, which will target people driving without a license, driving unregistered vehicles and exceeding speed limits.

Another development pertaining to Karachi’s chaotic traffic is the formation of a Traffic Management Board last month, which brought together representatives from the Karachi Traffic Police, the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation as well as the City Commissioner.  Continue reading

Cloud Computing And HR


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CareersAccording to a 2014 report published by Forrester Research, Cloud Computing – technology that employs remote servers to store and process data instead of personal computers – has revolutionised the dynamics of how conventional HR Departments function. Consequently, the global market for cloud computing services is estimated to reach a staggering $127 billion by 2017*.

Here are four ways how you can use Cloud Technology (including apps and software) to improve your organisation’s HR functions: Continue reading

Symbols Of Independence


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Mr Jinnah’s words are inscribed on the Pakistan Monument

Every year on Independence Day (August 14), the Pakistani flag is hoisted at the Pakistan Monument, which stands in the centre of one of Islamabad’s largest parks (also known as the Pakistan Monument), overlooking the picturesque Shakarparian Hills.

An important landmark… The Monument was designed by Arif Masood and completed in 2007. Made of granite, it is shaped like a flower with four large petals (representing the four provinces of Pakistan) and three smaller ones (which represent the three territories). If you are lucky enough to view it from above, the monument will appear as a crescent and star that characterises the Pakistani flag. Several inscriptions adorn the Monument, the most prominent one of which are   Mr Jinnah’s words: “Unity, faith and discipline.”


Waxworks at the Lok Virsa Museum

Out and about… Located nearby is the Lok Virsa Museum which provides a compelling glimpse into Pakistan’s history via with several impressive exhibits. The most noteworthy of these are perhaps the waxworks of prominent people that led the Independence Movement (including Mr Jinnah, Fatima Jinnah, Allama Iqbal, Liaquat Ali Khan, Jawaharlal Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi). Continue reading

Do Pictures Tell Stories?


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CareersAs a rule of thumb, including one’s photograph in a CV is not a requirement. Is it advisable to include it anyway? I, for one, think not.

When recruiters scan CVs, they form a mental picture of the candidate based on what is written – academics, accomplishments, extra-curricular activities, etc. Including a photograph creates a distraction since we all have prejudices (or ‘filters’ as we prefer to call them). We then compare what is written with the image of the candidate and often feel a disconnect. Continue reading

Nihari – A Pakistani Favourite During The Monsoon


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NihariNihari is, without a doubt, a favourite dish for Pakistanis, especially during the monsoon and winter months. A slow-cooked curry made with beef      leg-shank (bong), and lots of spices, nihari is believed to have originated in Old Delhi in the late 18th century during the Mughal rule.

Surprisingly, despite popular belief, nihari actually has a lot of health benefits due to the ingredients that are used to make and garnish it.

Red meat is an excellent source of protein and minerals such as B vitamins, iron, phosphorus, selenium and zinc, all of which are required by the body in order to build and maintain muscles and bones, repair tissues, boost immunity and improve blood circulation. Continue reading

The Importance Of Independence


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CareersAs Pakistan’s 69th Independence Day (August 14) approaches, a quick look at our workplace cultures reveals that line managers tend to micromanage their employees and make decisions for them. In the process, they take away freedom from their employees – something that they value most – instead of empowering them and allowing them to make decisions.

Since micro-managing employees is a common practice in Pakistani workplaces as it is globally, an article in the Harvard Business Review titled Declaring Independence in the Workplace is extremely relevant. According to the article, a large number of knowledge workers – professionals with talent, experience and drive – feel “stifled by managers who misunderstand what effective management means.” This is because in their misguided efforts to increase productivity and foster innovation, managers do more harm than good. They end up destroying both creativity and passion – key ingredients to the intrinsic motivation that leads to engagement at work – by limiting employee autonomy. Continue reading


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