The Perils Of Over Indulgence


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Drs ramble copyFor the past four years, almost like clock-work, Mr S enters my clinic immediately after Bakra Eid, looking miserable. His statement is always the same: “They made me eat too much again and I feel really sick!”

Although I know that freshly roasted kaleji, grilled gurdas and marinated maghaz masala are hard to resist, I tell my patients that the key to staying healthy is not to starve and deprive your body of essential nutrients, but to eat in moderation. As for Mr S, his health issues are compounded by the fact that he has a sweet tooth and believes that “passing up on sheer khorma and mithai is a sin.” No surprise then that every year I end up prescribing digestive tablets and a usually ignored lecture beginning with, “You really need to watch what you eat…” Continue reading

Distinguished Gentlemen In Action


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AdBuzz LeadThe Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride (DGR) is a motorcycle parade that began in 2012. It was established by Mark Hawwa in Australia, and has so far been held across 406 cities in 79 countries. Next Sunday, on September 27, it will hit the roads in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad for the second consecutive year.

DGR aims to raise awareness for prostate cancer as well as change the negative stereotypes associated with heavy bikers; the latter is done by ensuring that all participants are dressed to impress. Interestingly enough, Hawwa’s inspiration to create DGR came from the series finale of the well-known TV show Mad Men, in which the protagonist, Don Draper (played by John Hamm), rides off on a Vintage Café Racer to join a hippie commune, wearing a crisp three piece suit. Continue reading

Prepare For Bakra Eid


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3rdIt’s almost that time of the year when hunks of beef, racks of lamb and mutton legs will grace your dinner table once again. Although these meaty meals are the tradition at Eid-ul-Azha, they require a great deal of time to prepare – time that would be better spent enjoying the festivities with your friends and relatives. The good news is that there are plenty of gadgets and make-ahead tips to make life easier.

A new set of good quality knives, although pricey, would be an excellent investment. Not only will they last for years, they will make the experience of slicing and dicing much easier. And while you are at it, look into buying an electronic knife; your roast beef platter will look so much nicer with evenly sliced pieces of meat glistening with well-made gravy. Continue reading

Beef Liver: A Bakra Eid Essential


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NutrationstableThe ancient Egyptians and Greeks believed that beef liver – a must-have for many people on the first day of Bakra Eid – had ‘magical’ healing properties. They were clearly on to something, because beef liver, in addition to being a treat for your taste buds, contains a host of nutrients that provide several health benefits.

Promotes growth and healing. Beef liver should be a grocery list essential if you have children between the ages of seven and 15; it is loaded with protein, essential for healthy muscular growth and for healing wounds. Furthermore, the presence of iron prevents anaemia, which can result in palpitations, chronic fatigue and dizziness.

Ensures a healthy nervous system. Vitamin B found in beef liver helps prevent neural disorders – such as Alzheimer’s and schizophrenia – caused by nerve degeneration, as well as delaying the onset of age-related cognitive decline. Continue reading

Short-Term Plot Rentals Before Eid


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Real LeadThe demand for, and the rental value of, vacant plots in commercial areas, as well as those on the outskirts of the metropolitan cities, increases by 25 to 30% as Eid-ul-Azha approaches. This is because these plots serve as ideal venues for setting up animal markets.

If you have a vacant plot and are thinking about renting it out during the run-up to Eid-ul-Azha, keep the following in mind.

For the most part, vacant plots located in commercial areas can be rented out to serve as animal markets. However, prior to renting it out, owners must submit an NOC to the relevant authority (e.g. Cantonment, CDA, DHA, KDA and LDA) after it has been signed by the people living in adjacent plots.

The sizes of vacant plots ideal for setting up animal markets range between 500 and 1,000 square yards. Continue reading

Healthy Animals For Bakra Eid


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Health LeadWith Bakra Eid around the corner, people are on the lookout for the ideal sacrificial animal; one that conforms to their religious injunctions, fits in their budget and is also healthy.

Given the Congo virus outbreak that affected hundreds of animals, as well as people, last year, health experts advise caution to people who handle animals as well as to those who visit animal markets. As the virus spreads either through ticks in animal hide or exposure to an infected animal’s blood, applying insect repellent and wearing full-sleeved clothes and gloves is highly recommended.

However, the Congo virus is not the only red flag you should be watching out for.
Continue reading

Vehicle Rentals For Bakra Eid


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AdBuzz LeadFor many people, the highlight of the days leading up to Bakra Eid is visiting animal markets to find just the right sacrificial animal. Larger animal markets, which provide greater variety – in terms of the breeds and better prices – are usually located on the outskirts of the cities. As a result, transporting sacrificial animals from the market to your home can be a time-consuming and costly process.

The types of vehicles usually used to transport animals include:

Rickshaws. This is a viable option if you have a single goat or sheep to transport. Although rickshaws may not be the safest option they are the most cost-effective one.
Rental range: Rs 500-1,500 Continue reading

Pakistan’s Father of Horticulture


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3rd boxEminent horticulturist Dr Abdul Karim Khan, who passed away last Sunday, was fondly called Baba-i-Baghbani Pakistan (Pakistan’s Father of Horticulture); he is widely acknowledged for pioneering horticultural and landscaping activities in Pakistan.

Born in Jaipur in 1924, Dr Khan’s career spanned over 70 years and began at the Agriculture Department in Kabul; in 1947, he shifted to Pakistan permanently, where one of his first undertakings was the establishment of the Horticultural Society of Pakistan in 1948.

A staunch advocate of women’s empowerment, Khan strongly believed that women would play an instrumental role in increasing awareness of and broadening the scope of horticultural activities in Pakistan. His unrelenting commitment to this cause resulted in the establishment of the Ladies Horticultural Club in 1964. Continue reading

The 8-18-1800 Meeting Rule


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CareersAccording to a survey published in Industry Week last month, most managers reported that at least 30% of their working hours were either taken up by unnecessary meetings that stretched for hours and ended with no actionable outcomes.

To save time and ensure that meetings are task-focused and action-oriented, management experts at The Harvard Business Review have coined ‘The 8-18-1800 Meeting Rule’ which stands for:

8. If problem-solving is the goal of a meeting (for example, New Product Development and Research, Service Innovationyou are a client services manager and you want to determine the best course of action to meet a client’s expectations) include no more than eight people in the meeting. Regularly scheduled departmental meetings, where identifying and resolving issues affecting output is the primary concern, fall into this category. Continue reading

Career Advice For New Graduates


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A question I am often asked by new graduates (and even mid-level executives) regarding a job offer usually revolves around the expected paycheque. This is all the information they provide and expect profound advice on whether or not they should take it. However, if this is all you are taking into account when considering which company to join, then you have a very narrow view of things.

Now, you might think that a ‘broader view’ is one where you monetise all the perquisites and benefits and then make a comparison. Well, that still will not give you a complete picture. Then what should you be looking at?

First, an illustration to help us. If pay is the ‘largest room’ in the house, then the other rooms tend to be very small. Translation: many companies balance pay with a host of other opportunities (the Employee Value Proposition) that frankly, money cannot buy. Continue reading


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